Saturday, 14 March 2015

The Picasso Top

Art was never my strong point at school, I rarely ever coloured inside the lines, and I don't mean that in a metaphorical 'I was breaking the boundaries' sort of way, I'm just genuinely not a particularly neat person. I think it's fair to say that this was held against me by my teacher at the time, and somewhat downcast, I stopped drawing in my spare time, convinced that neat and 'correct' was the only way to go, something my clumsy, awkward style was never going to be able to replicate.
 photo 2185c12a-82ba-4019-8418-28d082a746a0_zpszncksmyj.jpg
But I feel like in this blessed internet age, lots of different ways to access art have been opened up to us, some that might seem controversial. If you're a tumblr user, you might have seen those memes going round of song lyrics plastered over famous paintings. There's also body comparisons, that combine art and the mainstream media, such as satirically comparing mother and child sculptures to images of Kim Kardashian and North West. What's more, blogs such as Ugly Renaissance Babies are opening up younger people to the details of classical paintings, even if it is just to laugh at them. And I'll be honest, when going round an art gallery I always fall into the trap of comparing scenes and subjects in paintings to my friends, i.e 'lol that looks like you', but hey, at least it means I'm taking some form of interest right?

So I guess it's a bit of a given to make the comparison between art and fashion. The line between cultural influences and fashion was sort of the thing that got me hooked in the first place. I fell in love with Luella Bartley because she infused her collections with references to English tea parties and Cornish witchcraft. Even now, Molly Goddard took her most recent collection as an excuse to set up a life drawing class of models wearing taffeta and frills. In some ways I'd felt guilty that my principle interest appeared to be fashion, as it had always been seen as vacuous and shallow, but these cultural and artistic influences coming through taught me otherwise, and encouraged me to be more creative with my own style.

I've always fondly called this top, a vintage find from a while ago, my 'Picasso Top,' mainly because it reminded me of some of his disjointed, fragmented, yet very colourful portraits of the women in his life (and as far as I can tell, ol' Pablo couldn't keep his proverbial paintbrush to himself). I've heard jokes before when people have said they feel like a Picasso painting, i.e slightly disordered and all over the place, which absolutely strikes a chord with me. It's not like Picasso had much interest in representing reality as it was and colouring in between the lines, and neither do I. I mean, I'm not trying to say I'm Picasso or anything, but let's say I'm like the Picasso of fashion blogging or something.
 photo picasso-girl-before-a-mirror-1932_zpsvaglh8ya.jpg
Girl Before A Mirror, Picasso (1932)
 photo a25bf84b-19c5-409c-a904-e38a172a561b_zpsdgich8ak.jpg

 photo picasso_zpsu26crv3i.jpg
Portrait of Dora Maar, 1937

If you'd like to learn more Picasso and you're a UK reader, there's a pretty good documentary about him on BBC Iplayer here.
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Friday, 6 March 2015

Cool Story Poe

NOTE: This post contains story spoilers and gothic themes. 

Many moons ago, I had designs on this blog being a literary fashion blog. In practice, this was a difficult thing to achieve. It's more tricky than you'd think to try and replicate stream of consciousness in a flowing maxi dress. However, my old A Level pal Edgar Allen Poe is strongly associated with the gothic, an era that inspires images of pale maidens who frankly needed to eat a few more oranges to get some blood flowing through their cheeks (that's what oranges do right? I'm a scientist). In short, it's an aesthetic that I have 12 years worth of skull print clothing and black nail polish enough to get on board with.  photo e72b98eb-54c4-44c3-b2be-b79dbf730d38_zpsjwgqrvrv.jpg
Bag - Out Of Print
Lipstick - Barry M
Nails - Avon (bought on Ebay)

I first found out about Out Of Print when I saw their t-shirts being stocked in Blackwells in Oxford. They're doing what this blog wanted to do originally, combining fashion and literature. You can find T-shirts with classic literary fiction covers on them, as well as accessories. They've also got an eye for a bloody good pun, which is where this 'Poe ka Dots' bag comes in. Have you ever heard anything more genius? I think Poe would be thrilled to see himself being celebrated in such a way, and let's face it, as a man who dealt with batshit crazy plot lines such as a murderous Orangutan and a character obsessed by the beating heart of the man he just killed, there's nobody who deserved to adorn my makeup bag more than him. So props to you Out Of Print, and I'll undoubtedly be coming back to your for more literary based fashion fodder.
 photo 72de8d52-22b7-462f-afc7-4749666868bb_zpsvzdzjyrc.jpg

 photo ee0da136-1f13-44b1-b0c9-0092611e76d7_zpsby03v8h5.jpg
Also, do you like my background? It's my wardrobe, and I'm posing next to Nicki Minaj for extra gothic effect.

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Monday, 2 March 2015

Camden Crayon Chic

So I'm taking a little foray into landscape outfit photography in this post, which I think makes for a better picture but also isn't so great on getting the details in these first shots, but I think that might be down to me not knowing how to use my camera properly, and as a result not effectively instructing others. Even so, I'm really into this outfit, which I wore to meet up with Lix and Laila in Camden this Saturday. These were taken outside Camden Foundry, which certainly made for some awkward situations as people were entering and leaving the venue ('Sorry, we're just fashion blogging, fancy being in a post?', I said to one young family who happened to stumble upon our makeshift shoot).  photo 8680111b-ffb0-41d5-bcd7-d28cbf8eb348_zpsoihdsmfe.jpg
Jacket - Unif via Depop
Dress - Whitepepper
Shoes - Asos (sold out)
Bag - Choies

You might already know that this jacket is my most prized clothing possession. I can't wait for Spring to roll around so it can really have its moment. It perfectly compliments this new season Whitepepper dress that I treated myself to (I have four Whitepepper dresses now, so I'm developing quite a portfolio), it's part of their child's play collection, with a colourful dinosaur print. I really looked like I should be finger painting and making little sausages out of clay, not going for a drink with friends. I was really feeling the cartoony vibe this time, particularly as my roots had just been topped up, making my eyebrows look comically large and dark.
 photo b0d554cc-2db1-42a1-aacf-2312fd120e8d_zpsld9pc10d.jpg

 photo e6117e28-7562-4dd4-aa4d-27740da5dfd4_zpsdsyygfdi.jpg

 photo 910a1994-9aed-436c-b467-de60bc77c719_zps4yu7lagz.jpg
To top it off, I'm wearing Candy Yum Yum on my lips, an incredibly bright shade of pink. I'm by no means an expert on beauty, but I'd definitely say it's a very bold Summer shade. I tend to stick to red lipsticks, but a pink seemed to be the best idea for this outfit. Alongside this I've got my necklace from Punky Pins and a brooch made by Cakeeater on Etsy (discontinued at the moment), because I'm a witch who loves scrabble don't ya know.
 photo 02c6947e-128b-4bcd-a97f-8cba9a3640d0_zpsncdfsihl.jpg
Thanks to Laila for taking these!

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