Monday, 6 April 2015

Country Girl Psychedelica

Seeing as I live and work in the same part of London (Hackney obviously, I'm wearing a velvet turban and have pastel hair for heaven's sake), I don't actually get much time to go and explore Central London. Luckily, my wonderful friend Leigh was down from York this Easter weekend, so we took it as an excuse to go and see the Forensics exhibition at the Wellcome Collection in Euston, which is absolutely fantastic by the way. It was really surprisingly detailed for a free exhibition, and what's more, the Wellcome's gift shop is awesome. Gift shops are one of my favourite things, where else can you get soft toy organism key rings? (See below for my Soft Toy organism twin). photo American Apparel Beyond Retro 4_zps76tg8dkd.jpg
I got Leigh to snap these photos of me whilst we were walking up towards Oxford street. I noticed a perfect 'blogger street' (def: a street filled with posh white houses and lamp posts that is ideal for taking outfit photos on) out of the corner of my eye, and stopped Leigh in her tracks so that I could have a chance to get a new blog post up because it's been ages! Leigh also noticed a shop just behind us in this picture called 'Wot the Dickens', and seeing as she is a massive Dickens fan, guess who was mega excited?
 photo American apparel Beyond Retro 1_zpswdo0rn7o.jpg
Coat - Paul Costello via Charity Shop
Shirt - Stylemoi
Riding Pants - American Apparel (sold out in purple online)
Shoes - H&M
Hat - Beyond Retro
Bag - Waterstones

This outfit is kind of an odd combination of very a English heritage look (the coat and the trousers) as well as a sort of late 60's/early 70s psychedelic look in the form of the hat and the shirt. I sort of look like I'm about to go and hunt some foxes but also take some LSD (don't worry mum, I'm not going to do either). I believe I have sung the praises of this coat before, it was £7 from a charity shop and keeps me very very warm through the bitterly cold winter months. I wore it alongside my Beyond Retro velvet turban, just one from my ever expanding turban collection, undeniably inspired by my pal Maire. I picked up the riding pants in the American Apparel sale for about 70% off, and they are an absolutely amazing, flattering fit, much like most of my other AA clothes, although I have still not ridden a horse in them, and I have a feeling I never will.
 photo American Apparel Beyond Retro 2_zpszq6ver8x.png

 photo American Apparel Beyond Retro 3_zpsfzap9kn3.jpg
This top is actually a Unif replica from a shop called Style Moi. I try to fulfil my love of Unif clothes in any way I can (which usually involves obsessively trawling Ebay and Depop), as they are quite difficult to find in the UK. I also really want this amazing, psychedelic print in the long dress version, but my search continues. It somewhat accidentally matched with my hair, which I've been washing with a mixture of Bleach Rose Shampoo and Pastel lilac hair dye, which creates a kind of uneven, iridescent effect on my hair which I'm actually really feeling at the moment.
 photo 6d5c8f03-9e14-41bd-b118-70ba53d167be_zps3u489yn5.jpg

 photo IMG_2298_zpshkrtvva2.jpg
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  1. Lovely outfit! Specially love the turban & the boots! <3

  2. You look amazing as always, love that shirt so much! *__* <3

  3. cool outfit, love the turban & I have a penguin tote with jack kerouac - on the road :)

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

  4. This outfit is beyond adorable! I LOVE your turban!

    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  5. Gorgeous shirt! Looks amazing on you and I love your hair! Awesome post as usual my love xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

  6. You're too cute, the outfit looks equally as rad with and without the coat. Love.
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

  7. I can't believe you don't explore London more! I totally would if I was that close to the centre. I know what you mean about the street, it's very bloggy :) Glad you had a great time with your friend. You should visit her in York if you haven't already, it's a beautiful city!

    Corinne x

  8. I'm making a unif order because they stock the jumper of my dreams, do you want anything? xx

  9. You look great. I have soft spot for a gift shop too :)


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