Sunday, 26 July 2015

Columbia Road

Last weekend my great pal Maire and I wandered down to the famous Columbia Road market. It's held on a Sunday, so I typically miss it because of being hungover or just wanting to have a lie in, but this time both of our slightly hungover selves made an effort to get down there. I guess the most appropriate adjective I can think of for the market is 'lovely' - you're surrounded by fashionable East London mums pushing prams, overpriced vintage clothes, Mumford and Sons type bands playing their ukuleles and bass viols in flat caps, and of course, hundreds and hundreds of colourful flowers. If you can just repress the well worn cynicism regarding the gentrification of East London for an hour or so, you can actually have a pretty great time down there. Not that I can talk, having moved here as a wholly naive teenager from the countryside 4 years ago, embarrassingly excited about the prospect of 'moving down to an East London flat' and 'taking pictures on London Fields'. You can actually catch my last post about Columbia Road when I was at university here! photo columbia 4_zpsbgy4ikdu.jpg
Top - Daisy Street
Skirt - The Whitepepper (from last season so sold out as far as I can tell)
Glasses - Melrose Trading Post in LA
Shoes - Shoe Zone

I've been trying to do something a bit different with my hair lately, wearing it in a half up half down beehive. Basically it involves a hair clip and a lot of baby powder in my hair to give it the right texture. It looks pretty messy but I like it!
I'm wearing my Whitepepper Egg print skirt because it seemed like an appropriate garment to wear to Columbia Road, seeing as they are an East London label. I like how the print seems to both compliment and clash with my outfit post prop, the sunflowers!
 photo a8971b41-6e0b-4ecc-a89c-4d33adedc7ab_zpsk1xdermp.jpg

 photo columbia 5_zpservt9xil.jpg
I seem to be wielding the sunflowers like a weapon in all of these photos! I never ever buy flowers unless they're gifts so this was quite an indulgence, although one that gave me quite bad hayfever and confronted me with the depressing fact that I have no idea how to look after flowers, because I have truly lived a sheltered existence.
 photo columbia 6_zpslo404kcn.jpg

 photo d6f47993-42e9-4e19-95a1-72a38c5dea85_zpsh95d2hgr.jpg

 photo dff71b20-1c38-421c-97fd-044ab9deda4c_zpsdh4bipit.jpg

 photo columbia maire 1_zps4xqvoz5o.jpg
Maire looked amazing for our little trip down to the market! Her top is from Zara and I absolutely love it, so much so that she was roped in to have outfit photos too. Seeing as I am something of an expert at posing awkwardly in an array of outfits, I tried to be the best director I could. Maire is one of the only people I know who seems to have never taken a selfie, but evidently she is still a natural in front of the camera!
 photo b45d24d6-1819-40ab-bdb2-51e1f23109a1_zpshbuytotz.jpg
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  1. Beautiful photos! That bouquet of sunflowers is just darling!
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination
    Btw check out my sweet Lightbox Giveaway if you haven’t already!

  2. You're such a stunner! Love this outfit and the flowers are beautiful <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile

  3. Can't get over how cute the print in your skirt is! Also the sunflowers <3<3 so pretty!

  4. love the skirt, I discovered the white pepper because of your blog, I went crazy over the dino print!!!
    and your friend's top is super cute too :)


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