Sunday, 25 October 2015

Why Must I Always Play the Clown?

I remember having to attend many woeful children's birthday parties as a child (burgers, cake and party games are all very well but for a rather morbid and extremely shy child their attraction is limited) and there being clowns, in all their garish colours and terrifying face paint. I wouldn't say I have a fear of clowns but I can certainly see how they inspire fear in children and adults. Maybe it's the hysterical laughter, the oddly roughed cheeks, the mad eyes and the rubber nose that gives people terror. One particularly terrifying moment of my childhood was when my mum took little reluctant me to the Russian circus when it came to Oxford, and one of the skits was a clown shooting someone with a gun (not real of course). How is this entertainment for kids? Anyway, enough with the therapy session...clowns skinnydip 3
The Ronald McDonalds and Pennywises of the clown world aren't the ones I'm taking inspiration from here. I've gone for a much more old school, Pierrot style clown, that to me seems more beautiful than scary. It's more Gelsomina in La Strada, directed by Federico Fellini, which is one of my favourite films. Gelsomina is played by Giulietta Masina who has often been referred to as the female Chaplin due to her very expressive face and comedy acting. Gelsomina is probably the saddest clown you'll ever see, forced to go on the road with a rather violent strongman by her poverty-stricken family, and is subjected to physical and emotional pain along the way. It's a laugh a minute!

This nostalgia about clowns came as a result of wanting to show off these two bags I'm sharing with you today, yet more additions to my ridiculously large novelty bag collection. They are from the Skinny Dip Simpsons collection which focuses around Krusty the Clown, who I remember was one of my favourite Simpsons characters. Krusty is also a rather sad clown, relying on alcohol and gambling to keep himself entertained, so obviously the perfect candidate to be printed on some gorgeous colourful bags!
skinnydip clown 11
Bag - Skinny Dip London

I have to say this bag is probably not the most useful bag I own (I tend to have massive bags and feel the need to literally carry everything around with me) but I couldn't resist the shape and the design! If you don't watch the Simpsons this bag references the McDonalds impersonating Krusty Burger chain depicted on the show. It'll certainly be a weird addition to my evening wear!
clown skinnydip 14
Hat - Topshop
Top - Vintage
clown skinnydip 1

clown skinnydip 12
Bag - Skinny Dip London

The second bag I got was this clutch, made to look like the front of a Krusty O's cereal box. I love the weird and rather dark design, particularly the 'flesh eating bacteria' sticker!
clown skinnydip 9

clown skinnydip 8

clown skinnydip 5
With these photos I was trying to emulate some sort of 'clown trick' like finding flowers in the bag, I don't know whether it worked because these flowers look very fake and we're pretty low on props in chez Rags of Love! Let's be honest, I'd be a rubbish clown anyway, I don't even have a black dot nose here.
clown skinnydip 4
Were/are you scared of clowns? Do you think I should throw in the towel on my ridiculous novelty bag addiction? Let me know in the comments!



  1. Though I'm not afraid of clowns, I bear no strong love for them but I do adore your Krusty bags! x

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