Wednesday, 14 October 2015

The Earth Laughs in Flowers

Hang on, I've gone properly pretentious on you - quoting a Ralph Waldo Emerson quote as this post title? After you've finished eye rolling hear me out, because I heard this quote the other day and I absolutely love it, it conjures up such a pretty image of this living breathing human earth showing off its beauty and life in carnations and the like. Anyway, here is your floral multicoloured outfit for today...ark primark 1
Coat - Charity Shop
Top - Primark
Skirt - Ark (sold out)
Shoes - Converse
Bag - Choies

Florals? For Autumn? What? I've actually thrown out all of my Victorian schoolchild Peter Pan collar dresses of old so A/W is looking pretty dayglo for me. This certainly isn't your typical Autumn look but this skirt fell out of my wardrobe the other day and I realised I hadn't worn it in a while. One of the reasons is because it's a real bum skimmer, I'm already a pretty tall lady so skirts are often an issue for me, and it's this one particularly that seems eye wateringly short. Still, with my trusty pair of safety shorts under it I was right as rain.
ark primark 5
I paired it with my Daisystreet kimono, which doesn't actually go with it at all but I do like a good pattern clash as you know. It's a pretty Summery look without my orange muppet coat, which yes, is going to be my staple coat for another season. It really has seen better days but there's no other coat I've ever found that matches it for comfort, warmth and Fozzie bear chic.
ark primark 2

ark primark 3
I'm wearing my Unif Moody glasses, a Depop purchase that I now wear constantly. I find that I have to wear sunglasses even in Autumn and Winter, I don't know whether it's because I'm more sensitive to light, but if I don't I become a real Squinty McSquinterson. These ones are the multicoloured cat eyed oversized sunglasses of my dreams and they add the cherry on top of the cake to this outfit.

This post wouldn't have been possible without the super talented and lovely Freyia taking some time out of her day to help me out with the photos, make sure to check out her beautiful lingerie creations.




  1. Digging the pattern clash (I love me a good pattern clash!) :D

  2. Love the clashing patterns! I'm always down for some good pattern mixing. I think this is a great Autumn look! I love how you always wear such bright colors

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