Monday, 16 November 2015

Yellow Blue Pink

You're probably wondering why so many London visitors have been uploading photos of themselves wandering through the mist recently. To quote my friend and twitter celebrity Dan, 'everyone is pissing about in that foggy room'.
'States Of Mind' by Ann Veronica Janssens is the new, very popular exhibition at the Wellcome Collection, probably one of my favourite places in London (they also recently had exhibitions on forensics and sexology, both of which were brilliant). It's not all just about pretty colours, Janssens' work tackles the nature of consciousness and perception. 'Entering the gallery is to submit to colour as a physical entity, to be subsumed by the experience of seeing' (from the exhibit leaflet). Janssens deals with our subjective perception and how it affects or sheds light on our consciousness, in States Of Mind she focuses on our experience of sight by creating a disorientating space. Don't let the photos fool you, it is very difficult to see anything in there. Luke and I walked into a wall and nearly bumped into some of the other people walking around.
I'm no art critic, but my main observations from the installation were as follows:
1) Janssens seeks to fragment our senses here and bring sight forward. We are used to having our senses work together to aid our perception, but here we are denied total understanding. To me it seemed quite a lot like a dream. I don't know whether you guys get this but sometimes when I close my eyes I'll get a sort of residue from the things I have previously seen, for instance sometimes I will imagine a wall of white and at other times I'll imagine black lines that will fuzz around my brain. I have certainly never imagined pink mist but the experience struck a chord with me, as Janssens brings out colour and gives it no real context other than just perceiving what is right in front of you. I doubt there is any other experience that allows you to just exist within colour. From the leaflet: 'Colour is caught in a state of suspension, veiling any detail or service within the space.'

2)It kind of reminded me of a theory that I learnt about at university, solipsism, that the only thing that exists is existence itself. States of Mind critiques the idea of consciousness and brings it to the fore. By taking away any other context or detail, we are confronted by the nature of our own existence within the mist.

3) Luke and I took a lot of photos. We are so painfully millennial that we still managed to take selfies in the impenetrable mist.



Luke wore his Mariah Carey inspired 'Elusive Chanteuse' t-shirt especially for this rather elusive experience.



The photo above was taken a few moments after we walked in - first impressions!
States Of Mind is on until 3rd January 2016. It is free, but you generally have to queue up for about an hour to get in, so take a book! Find out more here.



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