Friday, 15 January 2016

Multicoloured Winter

So, I haven't done an outfit post for a long time. Maybe because I've been a bit conflicted about what I want this blog to be, and whether I have enough enthusiasm for fashion to keep trying to write about it and recording my own personal style. Plus, I have become just a little too comfortable in a jumper and my black jeggings. But recently I've been rekindling my love for creating more interesting outfits, particularly as it's getting super cold, meaning I can wrap in up in coats (my absolute favourite item of clothing). When people think of Winter they usually associate it with dark colours such as maroon, burgundy and navy, but this outfit incorporates multicolour into a 'freezing my tits off' aesthetic.
vintage topshop 1_blog

Coat - Topshop (sold out)
Scarf - Charity shop
Jumpsuit - Charity shop
Socks - Hotsox
Shoes - Adidas Supercolor via Ebay
Bag - Kanken via Oliveclothing

I have been eyeing up this coat for a while, but at £95 it was completely out of my price range. Imagine my joy when I saw that it had been reduced by 50% in the Topshop sale! It's become the replacement for my orange muppet coat which regular readers will probably remember, because it is tired and sad now, plus orange fluff balls keep falling off it and the lining is totally screwed. I've left it at home in Oxford, but it has such a strong sentimental value to me that I've instructed mum not to throw it out (she helpfully suggested making it into a cushion, but I just don't think I could see my baby all cut up and changed like that).
vintage topshop 2 blog
The jumpsuit is from the charity shop around the corner from me, which is excellent and I now raid it on a daily basis (I mean I do pay, I just come out of there with about 15 items of clothing a time). I've paired it with my Adidas Supercolor trainers, which I've wanted for so long, but they sold out quickly and I had to trawl ebay to find this pair! My dream is to have them in every colour but it's not looking likely, but at least I have them in one of my favourite colours. I love the pairing of yellow and purple in this outfit as I think they really set each other off, and it felt good to be able to still be as colourful as normal even with the threat of snow. Colour isn't just for Summer, kids! Although speaking of kids, as I mentioned on twitter, I left the house wearing this outfit and bumped into a toddler wearing a very similar ensemble, but I guess dressing like a crayon is just more socially acceptable at that age, whatever...

I hope you all have a lovely weekend! It's my birthday on Sunday so you might hear from me again with a birthday girl outfit, complete with a sulking expression and probably a tiara.



  1. aaw it reminds me of my teen years in the 90s! <3

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