Monday, 15 February 2016

Bananas in Space

So, I guess this outfit isn't exactly appropriate for the current weather. However, my reasons for this are that we should all be looking forward kids, to our Spring/Summer aesthetics, as we've only got about a month now! Anyway, I just got this amazing crop top the other day and had the fashionista brainwave of combining space and bananas! This is the sort of ingenuity I like to bring to the world. As you may know, I do enjoy a clashing print from time to time, and this is thematically about as clashing as it gets. Combined with the hat I feel like I should be wandering around LA or Coachella and hanging out with Mischa Barton or something, instead of wandering around Hackney freezing my midriff off. topshop whitepepper blog 6
Hat - Asos
Top - The Whitepepper
Trousers - American Apparel
Shoes - H&M
Bag - Cambridge Satchel (it seems to be sold out in yellow!)

Photo 15-02-2016, 13 23 27

This Asos hat is serving Harry Styles meets Puritan chic. I don't feel like I get nearly enough opportunities to dress like my favourite member of 1D and it's one of the great regrets of my life. I haven't worn this hat nearly enough for fear of losing it, I have a big head and most of my hats can only perch on my skull, this one is no exception. It makes me feel, dare I say, cool though. Alongside this is some crazy clashing print action from my top half! I am a long-time fan of the Whitepepper and this space crop top from their Spring/Summer collection was too adorable not to buy, particularly as it was in the sale! To protect myself from the brutal cold and cover my midriff I have paired it with my banana print jacket from Topshop, which is probably the oddest item of clothing that I own. I believe that outfits should tell stories and this one is a fruity boyband adventure - set in space.

I'm also wearing my American Apparel Easy Jeans which win all the awards for being the tightest pair of trousers in the world, almost uncomfortably so. They're the sort of trousers that would have probably even given The Horrors a run for their money! You'll be more likely to find me in my jeggings these days but I do love the effect of these, it's a shame they have slightly torn at the back due to my ample behind (mum had to put a patch in, they're never going to quite be the same.)
topshop whitepepper BLOG 4
I really love the colour combinations in this outfit, as demonstrated below! My Lady Danger Mac lipstick is the most vibrant and true pillarbox red I've ever found, and paired with the yellow and navy tones it goes off!
topshop whitepepper 8
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  1. Love the description - "Harry Styles meets Puritan chic"!!

    Salt Flesh

  2. You really do clash patterns like no one else I know - I love this outfit! That Topshop jacket is just so cute :) I have a trick for keeping your hat on, I'll show you soon! Is spring realy only a month away? It feels like it will never arrive

    Jessthetics xx

  3. Love your top, I have a dress in the same print from TWP. :) Your pink hair and red lips are perfection! xo

  4. seeing your outfits makes me feel like i dress incredibly boring, haha! the banana print jacket is so sweet :) also have to agree with your comment about Lady Danger - it's one of my fave lipsticks! x

    Becky | BCKY.CO.UK

  5. Love the two patterns together! Really cool blog also!

  6. Love this outfit, you have combined it amazingly! Love the colours!

    BamBam BLOG

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