Friday, 18 March 2016

Prom in Primary Colours

Would you believe, would you bloody believe that this dress came into my life just after my trip to Scotland, home of the tartan? Still, this little photoshoot gave me the opportunity to play out my prom dreams, wearing my boyfriend's jacket (if I had a boyfriend) as he walks me home after prom through our suburban American town. I'm thinking way too much into this. My actual "prom" was hilariously anglicised to be called 'the dinner and dance' instead, a name that very clearly outlined what we would be doing (have dinner, then dance) and not, in fact, engaging in American prom activities such as getting off with some dude you've talked to once in Geography or like, ending the night covered in pig's blood a la Carrie. jack wills love the sales 1
Jacket - not mine
Dress - Jack Wills sale via Love The Sales
Shoes - Clarks
Bag - Cambridge Satchel Company

I'm sure a lot of my friends from school will be laughing right now at the thought of me in Jack Wills! Everyone loved that shop whilst I was at school, we have a huge one in Oxford and I spent many a Saturday afternoon in there with my best chums, loudly complaining about how expensive it was. However, this dress was sent to me by Love the Sales as part of their Jack Wills collection so I thought it was about time I tried it out! As you can see this dress isn't really my usual style, but I really do love the print and the shape. Paired with this jacket, lent to me by the photographer of this post Luke, I'm really into the dressed down effect. I've never been hugely comfortable in formalwear, which I suppose might come as a surprise because surely, as a fashion blogger, I would love to get dressed up? I guess I just like to be comfortable! Also shout out to my hair for actually behaving in this post and keeping the beehive to add to the prom queen effect, instead of sliding down like it usually does! Also, sorry there are a lot of photos in this post, it was great to have Luke helping me out with outfit photography, truly the most difficult task of fashion blogging, and we got a bit snap happy!
jack wills love the sales 2

jack wills love the sales 3

jack wills love the sales 7

jack wills love the sales 6

jack wills love the sales 13

jack wills love the sales 8

jack wills love the sales 11

jack wills love the sales 9

jack wills love the sales 4

jack wills love the sales 10
Credit to Luke for taking these photos for me, check out his instagram!



  1. yas queen you look fucking hot!

  2. also serve the wearing my boyfriend's ex boyfriend's jacket lewk mama

  3. Bel, you are so adorable in these photos! No such thing as too many pictures, that's my motto. The dress is really cute and you definitely would have fitted in with all the other tartan wearing tourists in Scotland ;) I've never been into Jack Wills either - I usually find their clothes boring and overpriced as you said - but I just love this dress on you so much xx


  4. What a babe! That dress looks absolutely amazing on you, love the fit and pattern <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile 

  5. Love this dress! So beautiful, you brave soul not wearing a coat for these photos though, I can feel the cold. Ha! x

  6. That dress is to die for! I also love the bag :D


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