Monday, 28 March 2016

Belmer The Elephant

Well folks here I am again in the fair and beautiful Oxford, bringing my rather East London sense of style back to my hometown and as a result, looking like a nu raver that got lost and ended up at Hogwarts.
topshop vintage adidas 3
I love this shirt SO MUCH. I found it in Edinburgh at a vintage fair for £9, and it gives off serious Elmer the Elephant vibes. The first time Jess pointed this out to me I thought she meant Elmo from Sesame street, which is interesting because the coat I'm wearing here makes me look like I am acually wearing Elmo. As I said in my previous post, my aesthetic now seems to be children's tv characters, but only accidentally.
topshop vintage adidas 1
Coat - Topshop
Shirt - Vintage fair
Trousers - Asos
Shoes - Adidas Supercolor (via Ebay)
Bag - Gift
Sunglasses - Unif via Depop
topshop vintage adidas 2
This look is rather low key for me, I picked up these rather unremarkable looking jeggings from Asos because I really hate how restrictive proper jeans are. They are so so comfortable and haven't lost their shape at all (my trousers always have to be super skinny as a rule) so I would reccommend! This was a great outfit for wandering around town in, I tend to come home maybe once every three months for a few days so my time here is certainly precious.
vintage adidas 30
Also I hope you've noticed that these pictures have gone up in quality, I'm finally getting to grips with my 50mm 1.8 lens which has confused me for so long. It means I can't really shoot my own photos anymore on self timer because it's too difficult, but it is a sacrifice I'm willing to make for better photos! I feel like a real blogger now instead of a bum.
topshop vintage adidas 4

topshop vintage adidas 6

topshop vintage adidas  31
Credit goes to Cara for inspiring the name of this post and my mother for being a very patient and skilled photographer!



  1. YAS QUEEN slay these HD pics mama

  2. Looove these colors! That shirt is amazing.

    Lee -

  3. I can't even express how much I love your style, and this look is no exception! The colours <3

  4. OMG! So colourful! I'm loving this outfit! And yes - the coat looks like it was made of a big Elmo.
    Much love,

  5. OMG<33 Just checked your blog and aweee you're so cute:^)
    That furry coat looks so comfy:^) I want one! I've onle seen the gray, white, or black color...not's so cute:^) and the yellow sneakers is so cuuute<3


  6. You're so cute! I love that crazy top and your amazing coat. :) xo

  7. You have such a unique style ! I mean it's amazing how you can match all of these colours perfectly !
    Following you dear, because your style it's too good to miss ! Check my blog and if you like, maybe you can follow me too <3

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