Monday, 4 April 2016

God's Own Junkyard

The greatest attributes to living in London aren't necessarily having all the tourist hotspots just a short tube ride away. I've lived here for four years now, but the thought of doing the Central tourist trail on a Saturday afternoon gives me the shivers and I haven't been on the London eye since I was 8. I think that as you live here longer you gain a lot of pleasure from finding the hidden parts of the city, and a sense of satisfaction that you're really experiencing something those visiting on a weekend may not be able to see. My friend Luke told me that he'd like to visit this place he had heard about on Time Out, a warehouse of neon signs in uh, Walthamstow? Not exactly Oxford Street then. God's Own Junkyard sits within a residential area, which is quite a hilarious contrast to the exhibition (I guess that's the right word?!) itself, which is unashamedly bonkers. It feels as if it would be more at home somewhere like Brighton rather than E17. junkyard 4
As you walk into the space you are inundated with neon, and you'll begin to notice many peculiar ornaments and objects including religious figures, telephones and creepy dolls. Neon signs are typically associated with tackiness or sleaziness, hidden corners of Soho that you probably shouldn't go down, yet as you enter this space the effect of having all of these signs together is beautiful. It's certainly garish and overwhelming, but as you know these are the sort of adjectives I tend to be drawn to!
junkyard 1
The space also benefits from a cafe (charmingly called 'The Rolling Scones') so you can sit back and soak up the atmosphere, and frankly if there's anything that's going to get me out when I'm slightly hungover on a Saturday, it's a unique combination of neon and cake. Basked in a neon pink glow, Luke and I took it all in and talked about which signs we'd actually like to have on our walls, and just how damn aesthetically compelling it all was!
junkyard 2

junkyard 3

junkyard 5

junkyard 6

junkyard 7
The exhibition is free, which I have to say I found quite surprising due to the sheer amount of electricity they must have to use to light this whole warehouse up! I couldn't recommend it enough, it would be great for someone who wants to explore a bit further out in London or wants an alternative venue for coffee with a friend or a date!
junkyard 8

junkyard 9
God's Own Junkyard is open from Friday to Sunday each week, visit the website here!



  1. I really need to visit here it looks so cool! And definitely something a little different. Also love your coat!


  2. That place looks both horrendous and awesome. I want to go! I love discovering those hidden places in London.

  3. Wow this place is amazingggg ! Also I love your blog !!
    Have a lovely week ! ♥

    Suzanne xx
    Please check my blog :

  4. I think I may have walked past this before but wow it looks so cool from the inside! *___*
    Definitely need to go in next time <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile 

  5. This looks like such an amazing place to visit! I love all of the bright colours! <3

    Emma xo //

  6. Amazing place, so inspiring!
    Love your blog, dear ^-^

  7. That place looks amazing and those photographs are gorgeous! x

  8. I would love to visit the place sometime. It looks so happening! ;)
    My Beauty Blog


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