Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Hot Air Bellonn

Really excited to start this post off by saying that I've ticked something off of the bucket list, and that's visiting Estonia. My great grandad was Estonian (not a close link I know, but one I've certainly held on to with all my might) and as a result I've become fascinated with the place, attempting to learn some of the language and listening to their music (the Estonian folk playlist on my itunes is one of my favourites, hipsters get on my level), basically taking in as much as I can without actually going there. So when my friend Leigh expressed an interest in visiting Estonia's capital Tallinn, I finally had an opportunity to visit this place I'd wanted to see since forever! These photos were taken in the Old Town, on a ridiculously sunny and warm day (for a Nordic country anyway). Shout out to Leigh for being a consistently awesome and patient photographer!tallinn topshop vintage 2
Tallinn certainly did not disappoint. If you follow me on Instagram you'll know about my obsession with colourful houses, and Tallinn is absolutely full to the brim with them, particularly the Old Town and the impressive Kadriorg palace. These guys really like their pink buildings, the Estonian parliament genuinely looks just like the Grand Budapest Hotel. The Old Town was totally delightful, full of cobbled streets, cafes and craft shops. You genuinely didn't know what you would discover as you turned every corner, whether it was one of the dolls that they hang outside the shops (sounds creepy, sorta is) or a hugely impressive Russian Orthodox church (a pretty bizarre experience involving hundreds of tourists congregating around an open casket funeral, an interesting mix of selfie sticks and Russian chanting). I had always imagined that Estonia would be a magical, fairy tale like place, due to its extensive forestland and ethereal music such as Kerli, and I think that was certainly the case.
tallinn colour 1

tallinn topshop vintage 1
Jacket - Topshop
Top - The Whitepepper
Skirt - Charity shop
Shoes - Nike
Glasses - Michael Kors via Shadestation

I wore this outfit on the second day of exploring. The skirt is obviously the centrepiece (giving my banana jacket a day off from being the first thing to attract stares from passers by) serving parachute/hot air balloon realness. This became all too real as it was a very windy day and the skirt kept billowing, giving some unsuspecting Estonians quite an eyeful. I found the skirt in a charity shop round the corner from me, and although it was a size 6 and far too small, my mother was able to work her seamstress magic and adjusted it to fit me. I thought it might be quite tricky to style as it is very loud, but this outfit turned out to be one of my favourites in a while!
tallinn 7

tallinn topshop vintage 3

tallinn 6

tallinn vintage 10

tallinn 8

tallinn topshop vintage 4

tallinn 5

tallinn 4

tallinn vintage 8

tallinn 3
I loved you Estonia and I will be back one day! If you're looking for a place to visit in Europe for a weekend away then I would really recommend it, Leigh and I has a fantastic time and were really struck by how charming it was and how friendly and helpful people were.



  1. Loved this post and your outfit is just perfection! ❤️

    Emily x

  2. Love the sunshine look !


  3. Estonia looks absolutely beautiful, I'd love to visit one day! Adore your outfit and how it goes so well with the colourful buildings <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile 

  4. YES QUEEN you are amazing, I love this look so much <3 so happy for you and I'm glad you loved Estonia! Xx

  5. Gagging on the hot air eleganza mamawwww! Loves it!

  6. i've only been to tallinn once, but it's absolutely lovely! the old town is my favourite:-) and i definitely want to visit again soon! these are such nice shots and you look lovely, too! xx


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