Sunday, 28 August 2016


For a Londoner (or an adopted Londoner like myself) the idea of getting out of the capital city is always bliss. Despite the fact we've chosen to live in one of the most incredible cities in the world we're always talking about the need to get away from the smog. Alongside London and my hometown Oxford, the other place I often visit in the UK is Bath. It's a beautiful little city famed for it's Georgian architecture, Roman baths and Abbey, and also manages to be the most painfully middle class place you could possibly imagine. Seriously, I'm called Belphoebe (after a character in an Elizabethan epic poem) and even I'm going to lose my marbles if I see another Emma Bridgewater plate, patchouli ginger hybrid candle or child named Reuben in this blinkin' place.  vintage bath 6
Outfit wise, I manage to clash quite spectacularly with the Bath architecture. I actually found these trousers in a charity shop here, they're the exact kind of style I love and could only really be described as 'jazzy' or 'snazzy' or 'Bel could you please wear some more sensible trousers because these ones are hurting my eyes'. Coupled with my favourite coat, this little number that I picked up for about £6 in Berlin, I have managed to transport myself straight back to the 1980s. Seriously I look like I'm about to present an aerobics programme which if you know me is a pretty hilarious prospect.
bath vintage 1
Shirt - H&M
Trousers - Charity shop
Socks - Blackwells
Shoes - Converse
Bag - Kanken
vintage bath 5

vintage bath 9

vintage bath 10
Thanks to dear Mumpo for taking these pictures for me!



  1. I absolutely love the trousers so much :D I would totally wear them with like a metallic body suit and then I would look like I am about to teach aerobics! Haha I am on the look out for some more outrageous print trousers :D

    Charlotte |

  2. Bag twin! Kankens are ace! I love that you too are a thrifter, especially in Berlin (hello Humana) Great to find your blog, thanks to Charlotte!
    Donna x

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  4. I love Bath, it's such a beautiful city. It's great that you look totally clashes with the Georgian background, it adds a little twist! :D Your trousers look great paired with the striped tee.

    Julia x

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