Monday, 26 September 2016

The Mum Dungarees

You know what they say, paint some houses pretty pastel colours and you'll see a flock of fashion bloggers rushing to the scene, desperate to take some upgraded OOTDs. Far as I know nobody has ever said that but it is the cast iron truth, and I'm certainly one of them. If you're a London based pastel house fan you've probably had tip offs about all of the prime locations,whether it's that candy painted street just off Portobello road, or this beautiful street 5 minutes away from Camden market. As usual I was rocking a frankly absurd amount of yellow so it made sense to take some snaps outside a house that reflected this aesthetic. lovethesales camden 1
I'm wearing these amazing dungarees from Monki. I don't wear dungarees that often but I really love this pair, I felt like a cool mum who likes to paint in her spare time. They remind me of an anecdote from my own mum about her obsession with wearing dungarees when she was pregnant, I guess they give you that extra tummy support right? Not that I need that. I'm not pregnant mum I promise.
lovethesales camden 2
Top - H&M
Dungarees - Via Love the Sales (Monki)
Shoes - Nike via Asos
Sunglasses - Unif

These were kindly gifted to me by the lovely people at Lovethesales. They curate sales from hundreds of online shops, so that you can shop them all in one place, including a Barbour sale and a Michael Kors sale. I always get really excited by sales and and can often be found rummaging through Topshop sales racks and elbowing anybody who gets in the way, but it was nice to be able to shop from the comfort of my own home. I immediately made a beeline for the Monki at Asos section because I've never been disappointed by any Monki items I've bought, and it's always nice to convince yourself you're a cool Scandi girl (like Tove Lo) rather than a slightly buffoonish English person.
lovethesales camden 3

lovethesales camden 5
Thanks to Leigh for taking these photos!



  1. Love the yellow! I'm not quite brave enough to wear yellow with my dungarees but this has inspired me! x

    India Charlotte♥ 

  2. Love the combo of yellow and blue jeans dungaree !


  3. What you said about pastel houses is so true haha. I love them too and one of my goals in life would be to own one, but I wonder if the trend will die out eventually :P
    These dungarees look really cool, and the pops of yellow add so much liveliness and fun to the outfit! And I guess dungarees were quite fashionable during our parents' youth, I'm pretty sure my mum wore some too!

    Julia x


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