Monday, 24 October 2016

Let's Go To The Cemetery

Ever since moving to London I've had an ongoing list of places to see and things to do. I've been here five years now so I've mostly ticked everything off and am constantly discovering all the new experiences this city offers. However, there was one place I hadn't managed to get around to visiting in the last five years, and that's Highgate Cemetery. Why would you want to visit a cemetery, you might ask. Well, it's the resting place of a number of prominent figures including Karl Marx and George Eliot, it's in a beautiful area of North London that feels isolated compared to the hustle and bustle I'm used to, and Halloween is closing in on us, so a cemetery offers all kinds of spoopy atmosphere opportunities. Laila (once a blog friend, now a irl friend for over two years) lives close so we found ourselves on our seemingly annual October outing (last year we went to the Serpentine which was a photo opportunity and a half). highgate 3
This was a perfectly Autumnal day with a slight chill in the air. Laila and I picked up croissants and coffee before coming to the cemetary, and I was amazed at how different this area of London feels to the more urban crowded atmosphere that I'm used to. It felt as if we were wandering down a country lane back where I am from near the Cotswolds.
highgate 2

highgate 1

highgate 5
I guess you could say that the cemetery is pretty chaotic, or maybe it's just the seemingly endless view in front of you of different graves intermixed with overgrown bushes and weeds, with angels, crosses, traditional tombstones with cryptic inscriptions and box tombs that rise from the ground. Laila commented that when she had visited Japan all the graves were uniformly placed together in perfect alignment, a far cry from Highgate Cemetry's method. The effect is striking, as if you are being led somewhere a thousand miles from London, the weeds circling around the crosses as the tributes of the dead seem to rise above you. The angels that had been slightly disfigured through time, with absent noses and arms, were particularly unsettling.
highgate 10

highgate 4

highgate 11

Highgate 6

highgate 7

highgate 12

highgate 8

highgate 9
I conciously dressed for the occasion, reintroducing the Autumnal aesthetic back into my wardrobe. I have to say that neon doesn't really work for the colder months, so I tend to veer toward more muted pastels and burnt oranges, like this beautiful duffel coat that I picked up in a charity shop. I've paired it with my Luella skirt from her 2008 witchy collection which I have waxed lyrical about so many times that I don't think I have to do it again, but I am always down for injecting a little British rural folk-horror realness into my wardrobe (that sounds weird but I'm pretty sure at least Katya would understand). I also have Kat Von D's liquid lipstick in Ayesha, which to be honest I'm not entirely sure suits me (it would look perfect on darker skin tones but it just makes me look awfully pale), but it's so perfect for Autumn/Halloween that I had to wear it.
highgate 13



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  2. This cemetery seems awesome.. plus some goosebumps..!! I love it and your blog :)


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