Friday, 28 October 2016

How To Celebrate Halloween

This time of year makes me feel so invigorated and excited for the future. Maybe it's the leaves falling from the trees, being able to cocoon myself in my large array of (faux) fur coats, or being at one with the spirits. Probably the latter. Halloween is something I always get excited about far in advance, but because it's usually such a busy time of year, the actual event can pass me by. I always think it will be this year when I will crack out the amazing costume and make the extra effort, but I usually end up just treating myself to a Lush pumpkin bath bomb and wearing black lipstick for the day. This year, with the help of HMV, I had a chilled evening of spookiness with my friend Freyia, lighting black tea candles, eating ghostly sweets and watching an absolute Halloween classic, Hocus Pocus. It was a great way to combine the cosiness of these colder months with the celebration of everything creepy and scary, which truthfully I am always low-key celebrating (I refer you to this perfect Tweet by Lorde). But now it's time to dim the lights and surrender ourselves to Satan...sorry fun, I meant fun!
halloween hmv 112
Donning my new Kat Von D black liquid lipstick in Witches and my knock-off JW Anderson for Topshop jumper with a terrifyingly unsightly stain on the front, it was time to turn off the lights and light up the candles. Hold the candle below your chin and look threatening for an extra spooky effect.
Halloween HMV 6
Second, the films. HMV sent Hocus Pocus and The Exorcist, and although I've not actually seen The Exorcist before we decided to go for the lighter option. Hocus Pocus offers up all the hilarious witch-themed misandry you could ever possibly want from a movie.
Halloween HMV 8

Halloween hmv 4
I'd picked up this bunting a few days before from the pound shop to get the whole house into the spirit of things. Watch as I forget to take it down for the next three years...
hmv halloween blog 1
HMV also sent some makeup and costume accessories! It was a bit of a struggle to get the fangs into my absurdly large mouth but it was necessary for the 'I vant to suck your blood' aesthetic.
Halloween hmv 3
We also had some Day of the Dead style bunting which was a colourful addition to the dark bat cave we'd fashioned ourselves for the evening.
Halloween HMV 12
Freyia wouldn't let me take many pictures of her 'until she'd had a few more glasses of prosecco' but she had a wonderful goth vampire maiden look, in a sheer lacy dress and robe. It was very 'Blanche Dubois spends an evening at the cemetery' and I lived for it.
halloween hmv 2

Halloween HMV 7
One of the most important things you can do at Halloween is drink prosecco out of a straw. It's a time to subvert expectations and commit evil deeds, and really there is nothing that is going to get more people side-eyeing you.
Halloween HMV 11
Thanks for joining us at our cosy Halloween evening, and many thanks to HMV for sending such a horrifying set of goodies. My actual Halloween will probably be spent reading my favourite weird ghost stories or wandering the streets, howling and cackling at various intervals and passers-by.

What are your plans for Halloween?



  1. It seems like you two had a great evening :D I never get too excited about Halloween, but it is a great excuse to spend a night in and watch a film. I've never seen Hocus Pocus but it is a classic isn't it? Also, I'm loving the black lipstick you're wearing! I'm celebrating Halloween tonight with friends, and I've actually made the effort to come up with a makeup look this year - although like you I'm always delaying the day where I'll actually get a cool full on costume. :P

    Julia x
    Last post: A Vampire Halloween Look |

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