Saturday, 22 October 2016


I've been fortunate enough this year to visit two places that I've wanted to visit since forever - Tallinn in May and in October, Dublin. My friend Lucy was there to publicise her new book Girl Hearts Girl at Deptcon, which you should all obviously go and pick up if you haven't already, and Emily and I decided to tag along like the hangers on we are. We also met up with Katy and Eilis whilst we were there, who are probably the friendliest, most genuine, hilarious people you could ever hope to meet. Together we only had a day and a half to enjoy Dublin, which involved a significant amount of gin and a lot of bad impressions of Irish accents, and I thought I would share some of the images of the surroundings with you, alongside an Irish outfit of the day because of course...unif dublin 1
Jumper - Unif (I mean, obviously)
Trousers - Boohoo
Socks - Blackwells
Shoes - Converse
Bag - Artwords Bookshop
Sunglasses - Unif

I have had this Unif jumper since last Winter but I think this is its first big unveiling on the blog. I don't usually rate clothing with very obvious branding, but I love the mixture of primary colours and stripes on this top. It was a rainy day so sadly I had a slight clothing mishap, the colours from my bag bled onto the side of the jumper leaving me with a very unsightly orangey-yellow stain. You gotta share both your clothing highs and your clothing lows on your blog I think (but the gag is the stuff like this happens to me constantly).
dublin 1

dublin 2

dublin 3

dublin 4
I have been particularly keen on the idea of going to Dublin since studying a few Irish literature modules at university. This is, after all, where James Joyce's Ulysses was set. Whilst everyone else went to watch a Deptcon talk I decided to steal an hour and a half walking around the city to get a sense of it. Unfortunately with no internet and a terrible sense of direction I did end up just wandering around aimlessly and getting lost countless times, but I still like the idea of stumbling upon little side streets and details that you might not have discovered before.
dublin unif 6

dublin 5

dublin 7
A green postbox! The novelty, I am such a tourist.
dublin 8

dublin 8

dublin 9

dublin 10

unif dublin 2



  1. Love your jumper and trousers! I definitely gotta visit Dublin one day <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile 

  2. YAAASSS this outfit is so cute and colourful and so you, I love it! Dublin looks amazing, I hope you had the best time xx

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