Tuesday, 10 January 2017

The World is Abundant and Love is Manifold

I suppose it gets to the point where you have to stop apologising for not posting on your blog and just accept it is occasionally a place where you can just dump photos and a share a few sporadic thoughts. I hate to neglect my own little piece of the internet, but I guess life really has gotten in the way. Happily enough I'm writing more than ever at my current internship, and for the first time being actually paid for it - which feels like a small stepping stone but nonetheless an exciting one. And you know, I'm feeling pretty good about it, I'm grateful, but after this year I've felt a little tired, to say the least. London really has this way of sucking you in and leaving you drained, despite all the excitement it brings and my neverending awe of the city. So with that in mind it was wonderful to pay a visit after Christmas to somewhere I've wanted to visit since forever, The Scottish Highlands. And being in such a majestic, isolated environment of overwhelming natural beauty, like the kind you always expected to see painted in children's stories and never in real life, well, it got me thunkin. I'd arrived there feeling slightly overwhelmed by life and it was incredible to just be far away from everything, and see past your worries and just experience the world, just still and as it is.
skye 8
Where am I going with this? Am I about to tell you to live laugh love and take an extremely expensive trip around the world to find yourself? Nah, I guess my point, the revelation that I had, was that the world feels like a seething land mass of filth at the moment, what with all the injustice and prejudice and bad vibes maaaan, to the point that we forget that the world is absolutely all we have and it's both beautiful and scary, comforting and intimidating. And there's so much of it that we can barely take 5 minutes out of our day and our own jumbled heads to properly enjoy. It sort of took me back to *strokes metaphorical philosphical beard and puts on oversized glasses* learning about the sublime at university, this type of beauty that is overwhelming, boundless, unbelievably stunning in a terrifying way, which is not only looks to try for me but also the perfect description for this place.

The Isle of Skye particularly just has this exceptional landscape of mountains and sea that stretch so far that you honestly feel like you're at the edge of the world, even though it was grey, wet and windy, hell I think that just all added to the effect really. I never thought I'd be able to cry at a landscape, and being fortunate enough to witness and experience the world's indescribable and overwhelming beauty, but goddammit I was close. Really it means, literally, the world to look past your internal struggles and see that the trees and mountains and mist and rocks and beautiful walks with good people and adorable dogs have all been gifted to you. I guess I didn't come to this conclusion all alone, after reading (should I say bawling my mascara off) this piece of writing assumedly from actual angel Sufjan himself, I realised that a lot of the love I denied myself was all around me, and could be found in the most unexpected of places.
skye 5
And you know, not just landscapes. Having gone to stay with Katy and Eilis, it's safe to say that some people are just pure, generous, loving and kind enough to make you discard your cynicism about people. You could not find more giving, beautiful and hilarious people, trust me. I was fortunate enough to spend more time with them alongside two of my greatest friends in the world, Emily and Lucy, a friendship that has seen us travel everywhere from Arizona to Dublin to Northern Scotland right back to sitting on Emily's kitchen floor at 3am eating pasta and cheese. Whizzing past Scottish Highland landscapes in the car eating strawberries and singing along to Taylor Swift, Beyonce and Christine and The Queens was the stuff of the aspirational teen novel I should probably be writing. A proper Scottish hogmanay, jumping out of a moving car to get a photograph with a highland cow (might be a slight exaggeration), cuddles with Katy's adorable dog Bruce, grapefruit gin - these are all gifts that I suspect I might not deserve, but that I was lucky enough to experience here anyway.
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I hope you enjoyed looking at some pictures and reading some thoughts this time around, and hopefully there'll be many more in 2017, but let's be honest, don't hold out. Just on my own spiritual journey ya know.



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