Sunday, 22 January 2017

Earn Your Stripes

Seeing as you're probably all snuggled up in a nice sensible jumper or under a cosy blanket reading this, or pressed up against a space heater like I currently am, you're probably wondering - why the hell are you not wearing a coat? Well, never let it be said that I don't suffer for style, and really I feel that this t-shirt is worth suffering for. Cast your minds back over a month and a half ago, where in a warehouse in East London a large amount of pastel-adorned youths and some of their enthusiastic parents fought tooth and nail to secure fluffy coats and pastel printed t-shirts with self depreciating slogans from Lazy Oaf's archives. I had decided to attend with this dream top in mind, but sadly I left with just a crop top and a couple of snapbacks (this was my first proper sample sale and I'd neglected the divine rule of GETTING THERE VERY EARLY). I'd fallen in love with this top a while ago after seeing it on my beautiful pal Pavneet, who owns a Lazy Oaf filled wardrobe to die for. I love wearing stripes and the mixture of the colours, the stripes, the adorable little frog chilling out on the front, really it was all too much for me. Eventually I found it on my trusty friend Depop and lo and behold it was mine, all mine!lazy oaf oxford 1
Top - Lazy Oaf via Depop
Bag - Skinnydip
Shoes - Primark

These photographs were taken on a colourful houses hunt in Oxford, which although a beautiful city is not known for being particularly colourful. Fortunately mum (my wonderful photographer) and I found the perfect combination of colours that fit almost exactly with my top, how about that! I paired it with this Skinnydip rainbow bag, which was again an item I immediately coveted after seeing it on actual unicorn and all round nice gal Lucie, and it actually turned up in the Black Friday sales much to my joy! People often called me rainbow related nicknames so I thought it was time to honour that with my bag choice.
lazy oaf oxford 4

lazy oaf oxford 2

lazy oaf 5

lazy oaf oxford 7

lazy oaf oxford 6



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