Some of the lovely people, press and internet spaces that have featured me!

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Sparrowmint 'Blog Stalking' Feature August 2013 (Check out Zela's blog, it's amazing)!

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Blue Banana 'Alternative Fashion Blog roundup' 11th November 2013

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Inside Fruits Street Style and Interview 20th November 2013

 photo f95c2280-fd6b-4886-acca-bc9a4e3386d2_zpsfcca9a0a.jpg
Featured on 'Who's Wearing the Whitepepper?' Whitepepper website, 2013

 photo a17d9e67-1de2-4788-8440-e5b4e2db4c6e_zpsf4229d15.png

Interview at Hard Crimson, December 2013

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Photos used on Indieminded, January 2014

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